Setting up Driven and Driven Plugin for Cascading Application

What is Driven

Driven is a client-server based application for Performance Management and Operational Visualization for Cascading Based Applications.

Driven consists of two components

  • Driven Server: is a web-application that is hosted in web server.
  • Driven Client (Driven Plugin): is the java application which is configured with Cascading Applications to be monitored.


  • You do not need to make any changes to existing Cascading applications to integrate with the Driven system.
  • Driven supports Cascading based all applications including Scalding, Cascalog, Lingual, Pattern), Apache Hive, and native MapReduce.

How to setup Driven for cascading application

Driven can be set up in two ways depending on your requirement.

Driven For Enterprise

In this way one can deploy driven server anywhere on their own environment.

Core features available

- Application Timeline
- Application Runtime Visibility
- Team Collaboration & Sharing
- Complete History Retention
- Rich Search
- Powered by a meta-data repo

Enterprise features available

_ Securely host in your own environment
_ Integration with Third-Party Monitoring Tools
_ Command-line Interface

if you want to test driven features (Don't have money to buy license)

  • Sing up to for trial and you will be provided with a 30-day trial license key and can download Driven to host in your own environment.

  • Unzip the driven-tomcat package and start

  • $> DRIVEN_HOME/bin/

After starting the server go to http://:8080. There you will be presented with a form to enter license information needed to complete the Driven server installation.

Login with username:admin and password:admin (default) and an API key will also be provided which should be used with drive plugin.

Customize driven server by changing default configuration located at SERVER_HOME/conf/

Driven Early Access

In this way one cannot deploy driven server anywhere on their own environment and need to use concurrent ( hosted driven server.

All the core features are available but Enterprise features are not available.

In this cas you need to login using your credentials and then an API key will be provided to use with driven plugin.

Set up driven plugin

Settin up driven plugin is similar for above both ways.

Add the repository


Add driven plugin dependency

    <!--if you want use concurrent hosted driven server 

If you are running your application on Hadoop

  • Create a file named and put the following property = YOUR_API_KEY = YOUR_DRIVEN_SERVER_URL
(Don't specify host property if are using hosted driven)
  • Copy this file inside hadoop conf dir. That's all.

If you are running your application in Local Mode

Export the following properties to your environment

(don't export host property if you are using hosted driven)


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